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Who the f*** are Super Rich Vintage?

By :Sam Hayes 0 comments
Who the f*** are Super Rich Vintage?

Just a couple mavericks with a Versace Bad Boy attitude - Orlando & Sam.

We first met working for at a FAST fashion focussed brand, where our attempts to sway the corporate big dogs into being more socially responsible fell on deaf ears.

So over a couple beers a overly loud discussion about doing things better, took place somewhere along Chapel St one Saturday night.

We landed on 3 guiding principles, as a way of repenting our past FAST fashion sins and saving our souls (SOS).

1. Be as SUSTAINABLE as we can.

2. Be as OBTAINABLE as we can.

3. Be as SENSATIONAL as we can.

By focussing on doing good for the world, making vintage accessible for as many people and having a good time doing it, we take away the focus on profitability we think too many vintage stores are focussed on. Too often a profit first culture reduces the impact they could be having and becoming just as elitist as some of the fashion labels we compete with.

Stick it up to those SUPER-RICH bastards and join these SUPER RICH bastards on the journey xx

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